The new trend Microblading offers a gentle opportunity for a permanent pigmentation of very detailed eyebrow-hairs. Due to the very thin, strung needles of the high-quality blades it is possible to work superfine!

Microblading accentuates the expressiveness of your eyebrows.

It is particularly suitable for the following:

  • Sparse or non existent eyebrows

  • Reconstruction of eyebrows after an accident or illness

  • For women who don't want to apply make-up each day

  • For women who want to look good even when exercising

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The heart of any microblading treatment are the pigments. We offer you high quality pigments for Microblading.

The new Swiss Color® MB pigments for Microblading are free of iron oxides, nickel, color-stable, opaque and last long in the skin!


Swiss Color® component of our pigments is thick, thus the color gets optimally absorbed with the micro blades and worked into the skin. This technique allows a very fast and effective blading with very thin eyebrow strokes.

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