You are unique.

We ensure regular personalised consultations and skin condition assessment in order to identify the optimal serum and extracts combination for your next treatment.

Facials using Phyt's

Phyt’s has created tailor-made treatments to suit the needs of each and every one of you. Phyt’s Naturo-Esthétique treatments have been designed to combine technical expertise, effectiveness and natural authenticity. Available in ampoules for single use, they guarantee hygiene and maximum purity. In addition, they are paraben and phenoxyetahnol free and contain no synthetic preservatives.

Eye Enhancement

Eyes are the window to your soul.
  • Enhance and define your look with a perfect re-shaping of your eyebrow. In order to achieve your natural beauty we offer three treatments: waxing, tinting and our latest MICROBLADING Swiss Color® procedure.
  • Unleash these butterflies with Lash Lift technology, This new technique reveals a brighter, fuller, wide eyed look.


LYCON is a Waxing System, not just wax!

Formulated with the finest resins, pure Australian bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy oils from natural plants, LYCON is the world leader in quality waxes which deliver superior results!

For larger surface areas, the famous LYCON super gentle Strip Waxes contain a few pleasant surprises — speedy application, extra strong grip, no sticky residue and no skin drag. 

For more intimate areas, LYCON Hot Wax delivers superior results, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm like no other, while providing a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment with unsurpassed comfort, even on the most sensitive skins.